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.:SeaFA:. I Hate All of You by AwkwardFish
.:SeaFA:. I Hate All of You

After the Halloween event everyone started to throw their homo dust all over my bby
And since Citali was the only guy in the chat after the event
I drew a thing
And now I hate everyone//SHOT

Leon is my blushing bby

Citali belongs to :iconm-i-r-o-i-r:
.:SeaFA - Study Sketch Dump:. by AwkwardFish
.:SeaFA - Study Sketch Dump:.
I have exams coming up, so I've been sketching in between study breaks XD
And I just love the fact that Leonard looks either somewhat manly or really cute
NOT in between, but one of the two X3

Leonard and art belongs to me~ 
.:SeaFA:. Leonard by AwkwardFish
.:SeaFA:. Leonard

idk how to fade images, oops//slapped//

Trying for :iconseafighters-alliance:
Fingers crossed ;v;


Name: Leonard Tristan (Leon)
Age: 25

Birthday: 22nd of December
Gender: Male

Main: Sword

Secondary: Frying Pan

Height: 180cm
Weight: 82Kg

Faction: Raisaiph

Position/Job: Cook


+ Cooking

+ Swordsmanship

+ Tracking skills

+ Can be pretty fast when he puts his mind to it.


+ Can be rather emotional at times.

+ Horrible memory.

+ Gullible.

+ Gets sea sick when seas are rough.



Leonard is the kind of guy that holds doors open for women, pulls a chair out for his captain and addresses everyone as Miss, Mister or Sir. He is your typical, cheesy, polite, charming gentleman.


When under pressure, stressed or harassed he has a tendency to break down and let all his emotions run wild.

{Hard Working}

Leonard may complain from time to time about certain tasks, but he takes great pride in his work. He doesn't like doing things the easy or the fast way, he thinks that it’s cheap and that it will only pile up on his workload.


Leon acts somewhat like a dog when it comes to loyalty, do one good deed for him and he'll be a caring friend for life. He'd be a shoulder to cry on, a pillar of support and if he had to, he'd kill knowing it would make a friend happy.

{Neat/Clean Freak}

Leonard has a terrible habit of cleaning. He cannot sleep knowing that there is a smudge on a wall or if a picture is hanging crooked. It gets to the point where he doesn't sleep because he is rearranging and cleaning either his room or the kitchen.


Leonard is quiet the social butterfly, though he may act a little shy at first, he is always ready for a chat. He can be a bit of a chatter box once you break through his shell, but he knows when to shut up and listen to what others have to say.

Leonard was born and raised into a family coming from a long line of proud, strong soldiers. Being the first born his life was set, but he wasn't strong and he didn't want to be a soldier, that's what his father wanted. What Leon really wanted was to be a cook, to run his own restaurant, but his father would never allow that, though the only one that truly cared about Leon's dream was his loving mother. She supported him and even taught Leonard how to cook and bake, that was how the two formed their strong bond.

Leonard's Father saw this as a disgrace; his first born son that would carry on the family name would be a cook? He would surely ruin their name.

When Leonard turned six his younger brother, Marcus, was born. Leon saw this as a chance to step up as the older brother and protect his new brother, and when he was old enough, cook for him. His father, however, saw this as a chance to raise a stronger, better son to carry on the family name.

It was at this time when Leonard started his training to be a soldier. He was told that they would start his training when he was young, but he was only six, it was a terrible strain on a child. Each day he would train, and each day he would see the disapproving looks his father gave him.

Every day after his training he would always meet with his mother in the kitchen and they would cook together, but sadly his mother grew ill, deathly ill. He would make her soup everyday by himself and would feed her; he had stopped his training so he would be able to look after her. It was also around this same time when his brother Marcus started his training.

Leonard tried so hard to keep her well and healthy, but sadly she passed away in her sleep when Leon was fourteen.

Leonard’s father of course blamed him, saying that his cooking finished her off, but he didn't believe his words, he never did, it was the recipes that she had taught him.

At age eighteen, Leonard was signed up as a soldier by his father, as much as he argued that he didn't want this, his father never listened. He trained hard and was forced to work even harder, he was named the strongest newcomer, he had talent and was getting stronger by the day but he hated every minute of it.

In his spare time Leon would either bake or try to spend time with his brother, but the distance between them was far too great, and each time they would talk it would end in an argument.

Leon's father was pleased with his progress, he heard wind of soldiers being shipped off to take down pirates and he of course signed Leonard up. Leonard argued with his father telling him that he didn’t want to be shipped out, that he wasn’t strong enough, but in truth, he was scared. Once again, his father brushed off his argument and pleading, so forced to pack his belongings Leon set sail.

After a few weeks, finally getting his sea legs and no longer that sea sick, he made his way to the ship's kitchen. Disgusted, by his standards, by its state he cleaned up the mess and unable to contain himself, started cooking. From that day on he would almost ALWAYS be found in the ship's kitchen cooking or cleaning.

Leonard faced many battles and made many dishes while on the Wellenreiter, and made many memories, some he would cherish and some he would wish to forget.

Hearing that they would return home he had gotten mixed feelings, happy to be home but hating the fact that they would see his family. When greeted with the king's armada, he knew something was wrong, he knew he wouldn't be able to return home now. He fought for his crew mates and his captain.

Now at age twenty-five, Leonard is now somewhat glad that they didn't return home otherwise he wouldn't be able to go on these wonderful adventures, but most of all, he wouldn't be cooking. He has done some things that he regrets, but he wouldn't be the man he is today if it wasn't for those regrets.


+ Was born into a family that has a long line of being soldiers.

+ He didn't want to be a soldier, he wanted to be a cook, but his father wouldn't let him.

+ His mother was the only one that supported his dream and taught him how to cook.

+ Leon's younger brother was born when he was six.

+ Leon's mother died when Leon was fourteen, and he was blamed for her death.

+ He was forced to be a soldier when he was eighteen.

+ He got into constant fights with his brother and he still continued to cook in his spare time.

+ His father signed him up to go and take down pirates.

+ Leon was a strong soldier but he found his place in Wellenreiter's kitchen.

+ He was shocked when the armada attacked when they were headed home, but fought for his life.

+ Glad that he didn't go home so he can now continue his adventure.


+ Cooking

+ A clean kitchen

+ The ocean

+ Star gazing

+ Resting

+ Fantasy/Romance novels

+ People making a mess of his kitchen.

+ When meals don't turn out the way he planned.

+ Rough waters.

+ Being attacked/harassed/bombarded with questions.

+ Being out in the sun for too long.

+ People stealing food.



| Ruben Tristan| Father | Alive | Signed Leo up to be a soldier, they were never on good terms |
| Maria Tristan | Mother | Deceased | The only family member that he truly loved |

| Marcus Tristan | Younger Brother | Alive | They were always fighting, they could never see eye to eye |

Other information:

+ At times his frying pan can be more effective than his Sword.

+ When flustered he can be rather clumsy.

+ When in direct sunlight for long periods of time some sections of his hair will start to go blond.

+ Do NOT mess up the kitchen.

+ He has good sea legs but as soon as the seas are rough he will be bed ridden, in the worst case scenario, puking over the side of the ship.

+ He doesn't drink.

+ What he lacks with physical strength he makes up for with enthusiasm.

RP methods: Skype, dA Notes, dA chat (when I'm not being a shy loser//cries)

Hatsuharu RE-Vamp - WIP by AwkwardFish
Hatsuharu RE-Vamp - WIP
I liked his old design, so I kinda kept it close to his last design, just added and replaced a few things~
I might add a few more things, but I really like his this turned out~


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My name is just plain and boring, so just call me Fish or Fishy
I live in the mysterious land of Australia!
I'm an artist who's trying to get used to her own crazy imagination, so please go easy on me!

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