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I'm Fish!
I live in the mysterious land of Australia and I'm an artist who's trying to get used to her own crazy imagination!

Gluba Gluba

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Summary: Lexie goes for a run and Ludwig checks her out, and doesn't even deny it. What a pervert.
Yeah, that's about it XD

Lexie :iconryusart:

Ludwig :iconawkwardfish:

Word count:

Ryu: 1420
Fish: 1026

Total: 2446
.:RLR:. Working The Pole Is Too Mainstream by AwkwardFish
.:RLR:. Working The Pole Is Too Mainstream

Can I has money now plz?

Art and Sven/Ludwig are mine!
.:RLR:. Dat not a spider by AwkwardFish
.:RLR:. Dat not a spider

I'll do some better art when I'm not a lazy butt and when my boss learns that I have a life outside of work//cries
{RLR} Ludwig by AwkwardFish
{RLR} Ludwig
Trying for :iconredlight-royale:
I just love how everyone has a really pretty App and I'm just like:
"Yeah, I'll just put some sparkles on dat sheet, it'll be fine" //SLAPPED


Name: Andrejas, Sven

Alias: Ludwig (Lewd-vig)

Gender: Male


Height/Weight: 175cm | 64kg

Nationality: German

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Club: Voyage

Appeals: || Host ||

+ Gentleman: He never fails to hold a door open for someone, pull out their chair and compliment their appearance. He likes to make sure that his customers are well cared for.

+ Thick Accent: He pronounces 'W' as 'V' (Vhat, Vhere, Vhen, Vonderful) and 'Th' as 'Z' (Zhat, Zhought, Zhere). He finds it hard to believe that his accent is attractive though but it keeps bringing him customers so he isn't complaining.

+ Clean: Sven showers at least 3 times a day. He likes to feel and smell clean at all times, which is probably why he always looks refreshed and smells like rose shampoo.


Clients - | Friendly | Understanding | Sociable | Open | Gentle |

With his customers/Clients Sven is your classic gentleman. He is an intensive listener and will give them advice if it is requested of him. He is very social with his clients and treats them as if they have known him for years even though he may have only first met them five minutes ago. Sven would do anything in his power to make sure that his clients leave happy and with a big smile on their face.

Self - | Blunt | Rude | Forever Tired | Caring |

When away from work, Sven acts the complete opposite of how he treats his clients. He gets annoyed rather easily whether it be just going down to the store, someone ate the last of his ice-cream or if his internet is just a second to slow for his liking. He doesn't like to beat around the bush so he always likes to get straight to the point even if it may hurt someones feelings, which he obviously doesn't care about.
Though if you get past his rough exterior and actually give the time to get to know him, Sven will truly be a friend for life, he would do anything for his friends, he'd even kill someone if it meant keeping his friends safe.


(+ Milk Chocolate.

(+ People playing with his hair.

(+ Dogs, he's the kinda guy who would run across a busy street just to pet a dog.

(+ Red wine.

(+ Being and smelling clean

(- Getting Mistaken for a woman//SHOT

(- Dirty people

(- Cats, they always scratch him.

(- Not getting paid enough to put up with other peoples b*tching.


Being born and raised in Germany, Sven was the youngest out of 4 children. Being the youngest always meant he was always spoiled by his parents and 3 older sisters but it was mostly his father since he had always wanted a son.

Sven had always admired his fathers line of work but he himself didn't want to continue on the family business which of course crushed his father.
Sven was more into creative and historical arts. He loved learning how different cultures had there own definition of what what art was which he of course found rather funny. He studied as hard as he could and got the grades he had wanted but that wasn't enough for him, he wanted to do more.

With his parents permission Sven travelled to a handful of different countries to learn more about art and to see how he could improve his own.

He of course had to work to earn money in each country that he had visited, though he didn't really mind since he needed the money and didn't want to bother his parents with his money problems. So needless to say Sven often went a few days without food so he could pay for his rent and afford to pay his school bills.

Svens final destination was Japan which he of course saved for last. He was always interested in the Japanese arts and culture though to see the works in person was a completely different experience for him.

It was hard to find work in Japan as many wouldn't hire non-Japanese which he found understandable since it was hard to find work for anyone these days. He was lucky enough to get himself a job at a small cafe which he served coffee and cakes and he was even allowed to decorate the cakes. The customers that came in though were mostly school girls and it seemed that more of them kept coming in after he started working there, so needless to say he was rather close with his regulars and knew who to stay away from to avoid a butt rub.

Most of the regulars were rather annoying, but he was getting paid so he always acted as nicely to them as possible, even at times helping them with their language homework since most of his regulars were still at school.

He started to grow more worried however when the cafe kept getting over run by school girls every afternoon, he was only being nice because he was getting paid to be, why were these women so …. Desperate?

Word had travelled far and wide of a charming young German male working in a small cafe and this word had soon lead to a Young, British woman paying Sven a visit.

Sven was going to refuse the offer at first, he had enough of the constant visits from needy school girls who kept trying to get in his pants, but he needed the money and his current job wasn't paying him enough to be able to do what he wanted. He agreed and took the job after much thought, how bad could being a host be anyway?


  • He had no idea what his alias should be so he went up to some random girl and asked “What do you think the most common German name for a male is?” the answer he got was Ludwig, so he decided to use it as his alias.

  • Since he didn't want to be stuck wearing lederhosen for the rest of his hosting career, he decided to wear a somewhat military like uniform to make himself look strong.

  • Sven wears make up when he works, he has the darkest bags under his eyes that he hides them to make himself look presentable.

  • His natural hair colour was blond, but after getting it dyed so often and in such large amounts it started to slowly turn brown.

  • He only ties his hair up on his days off.

  • Only wears his big fancy jacket when he wants to show off.

  • Do not challenge him to a drinking competition, he can hold his alcohol REALLY well.

  • Will do almost anything for money, it all depends on how much you give him.

  • //Whispers// He's a virgin//SHOT

  • Can speak Japanese, Russian, Danish, French and German fluently, though he can also speak English its just not his strongest language.

.:CoM:. Tournament of Glory: Round 1 by AwkwardFish
.:CoM:. Tournament of Glory: Round 1
Event Collaboration with :iconcoffeetoy: :heart:

IDK how many Golems there were meant to be, so we just did two.... Yep//SLAPPED

Pom shows off his speed and agility while Hootan strikes from the side lines when least expected.
Not exactly the best form of team work, though, it is how they have learned to fight together.

Lines And Pom - :iconcoffeetoy:
Colour and Hootan - Me~

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